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Spaghetti or linguine al Vongole


Please pay strict attention to the season in which, far from the Venetian homeland, these mussels are available in a good quality. As a minimum standard we would recommend you to pay attention to European goods and to refrain from imports from the Philippines, for example. Put on the noodle water and finely chop the garlic, onions and parsley. Sauté the garlic and onions in a large pan (the noodles should have enough space in it later) and then deglaze the mixture with a few squirts of lemon juice and a good and generous shot of white wine. Cook the mussels in the pan for about 5 minutes with approx. 85-90% of the parsley and a little salt and pepper. Where reasonable and available, you could also add some sea water (carefully dosed) as in the past. Now put the linguine in the pot and let it cook according to the package instructions. Please remove the mussels that do not open and throw them away. If no sea water was used, add a small amount of salty pasta water to the mussel stock. Drain the finished pasta and then put it in the mussel pan, mix everything and add the remaining fresh parsley. Serve quickly and leave it to the guests to add another flavour to the dish with a dash of the best but mild olive oil (Liguria, Lake Garda).

Spaghetti or linguine (the former like to be a little wider) / clams / salt / pepper / garlic / onions / parsley / lemon / white wine / optionally some olive oil

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