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Maxlrain Castle, situated in the immediate vicinity, is one of the more imposing buildings in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. Situated in the immediate vicinity, the Schlosswirtschaft is, with one exception, in a very beautiful location. Fortunately, only the squares in front of the building are affected by the busy road in front of the building. The larger part of the beer garden is behind the house and from both locations you can enjoy the view over the hilly landscape all the way to the Alps. In addition, the interior rooms have a beautiful appearance, although at second glance the furniture in all rooms does not seem quite coherent and the skins on the floor seem somewhat out of date in many respects. Culinarily, you are treated to down-to-earth Bavarian cuisine here, but the menu, for example with a view to the fish dishes and the seasonal theme weeks, also likes to appeal to guests on a somewhat higher level. Some of the beer on offer comes from the Maxlrain brewery across the road. The uninitiated should take care that they do not accidentally end up in the "Schwemme", which we have not yet tested, and thus in the restaurant belonging to the brewery.

hs / translation: DeepL

  • Address Schlosswirtschaft Maxlrain
    Maxlrainer Freiung 1
    GER-83104 Tuntenhausen