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Grottos are amiable inns typical of Ticino, usually located in a rural setting. We do not know how long this grotto has existed, but we assume that the provincial capital of Ticino, Bellinzona, did not have the dimensions it has today. So the house, built with natural stone, seems somewhat out of time. This also applies to the interior design, which is the same in many Italian restaurants. Meanwhile, the garden has lost none of its appeal. The trees, which have grown tall over the decades, provide generous natural shade, so it is not surprising that the seats there are highly sought-after. This is also due to the culinary delights on offer here. The cuisine is typical for Ticino, and especially for the grottos. This ranges from a nice tartare to various risottos and pasta dishes. Due to the richness of Ticino, meat and fish would always be on the menu. The latter often comes from the mountain rivers or a local fish farm. The fries that often accompany the meat dishes are less in keeping with tradition, but help immensely in maintaining family peace at the table.

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  • Address Ristorante Grottino Ticinese
    Via Luigi Lavizzari 1
    CHE-6500 Bellinzona,