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REGION ÎLE DE FRANCE - PARIS-LOUVRE (1st arrondissement) /

The nearby "Comédie-Française" theatre is renowned for its performances. In this respect, this neighbourhood is a perfect match for the Restaurant Tracé, which also specialises in the art of great theatre. However, this does not mean a theatrically gifted service, but the performance of the kitchen crew, who are masters at bringing out the best in flavours and doing so so creatively that unconventional combinations can lead to new taste experiences for guests. The open-plan kitchen and minimalist, design-orientated furnishings are a perfect match. The restaurant prefers to surprise its guests - so it is essential to inform them in advance of any food intolerances.

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  • Address Restaurant Tracé
    15 rue de Richelieu
    FRA-75001 Paris