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Köstritzer Schwarzbier enjoys an excellent reputation in Germany. Historically, however, it is much more common in the north and east of the republic than in southern Germany. A nice place to sample Germany’s most popular Schwarzbier is the Köstritzer Schwarzbierhaus in Weimar. Somewhat hidden in a side alley, it nevertheless stands out because of its magnificent building, the most beautiful half-timbered house in Weimar. A glance at the menu reveals that, as expected, the cuisine has a regional flavour. In addition to the beautiful seats in front of the house, the rooms inside also have a nice aura. Only the winter garden deviates from the nice atmosphere, both in terms of the furniture and the uninviting tile floor. So we advise you to make sure when making your reservation that you are seated elsewhere. Without wishing to pass judgement on this, one could also spend the night in this house.

hs / translation: DeepL

  • Adresse Köstritzer Schwarzbierhaus Weimar
    Scherfgasse 4
    GER-99423 Weimar