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The immediate surroundings of this restaurant are different and from this point of view it is easy to understand the name, which is reminiscent of a well-known Hollywood film. The café and restaurant often shown in this film obviously had a simple character. This is not the case here, where guests are offered a highly decorated, refined take on French cuisine. The best basic products ensure that the kitchen crew conjures up great, mainly French-inspired dishes and can fulfil the demands of guests who prefer the classic style as well as those who don't want to be stuck in the past. The ambience benefits from the architectural history of the building in which the restaurant is housed in the form of generous ceiling heights, some stucco and historic-looking lighting. Overall, the restaurant has a formal feel that does justice to the outstanding performance of the cuisine without overwhelming the guest - recently defined as ‘casual fine dining’.

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  • Address Irma La Douce
    Potsdamer Str. 102
    GER-10785 Berlin