Gostilna “Francl” Peter Zaveršek s.p. / €€


The immediate surroundings seem contemplative and so the feeling that the clocks go a little slower here imposes itself. A historic building of manageable dimensions has become the home of this restaurant. The interior design seems a bit out of time, but it fits in with the surroundings and the history of the building. The surrounding area offers very good sources of supply and so it is not surprising that you are served very good cuisine here, provided with an extremely fair calculation. The repertoire ranges from simple dishes, which can be quite hearty, to dishes whose fine nuances can convince even the most demanding palate.

hs / translation: DeepL

  • Address Gostilna "Francl" Peter Zaveršek s.p
    Zagrad 77
    SVN-3000 Celje