Die Weinzentrale


The Weinzentrale may not be in a central location, but due to its expertly selected and extensive range of wines, it really is the central contact point in Dresden for wine connoisseurs and, to the same extent, for those who want to become one. Simple but very beautiful wooden tables invite you to linger and the long bar is a great place to spend time. Run as a vinotheque, the menu is clearly laid out with mainly cold dishes. The quality of the food on offer can match the quality of the wines in every respect. There are a few seats in front of the house, which we can only partially recommend. As this is a popular meeting place, especially at weekends, we recommend booking directly and, temperatures permitting, we recommend the outer seats in front of the entrance area.

From around 20 degrees, the red play mobile in the shape of an old fire engine is stocked with parts of the wine selection and placed on the banks of the Elbe. Enjoy the sunset there and the beautiful distant view of some of Dresden's world-famous cultural monuments! To avoid disappointment, please enquire about the standing times of this offer, i.e. the Elbzentrale.

hs / überetzung: DeepL

  • Address Die Weinzentrale
    Hoyerswerdaer Straße 26
    GER-01099 Dresden