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The atmosphere that welcomes guests here seems a little strange. The tables are beautifully set according to their classification, but it is difficult to judge whether the metal backrests of the chairs can guarantee lasting comfort. The colourful hodgepodge of decorative elements on the wall also makes one feel unsettled. However, it should be mentioned that we are entering a restaurant and not a furniture shop. Consequently, according to our introduction, there would be no risk of making a wrong purchase, and we may say that you will probably have fond memories of your visit to the restaurant, if you like to eat fish and everything else that lives in the sea. Combined with the freshness of the produce, the simple preparation is a dream and leads to a lovely culinary experience in this somewhat quirky setting.

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  • Adresse Da Maria
    Via IV Novembre, 86
    ITA-61032 Fano (PU)