Some guests may visit this restaurant out of curiosity. They point out that a French president has already been a guest here. We, on the other hand, are attracted by the pleasant atmosphere of the outdoor seating. The seats with traditional tablecloths are located on a forecourt of the decoratively designed house and the local church. The cuisine varies in style between somewhat hearty, e.g. the stews, and a more refined style, e.g. the fish dishes. In keeping with the restaurant's own standards, the portions are not too generous. The interiors benefit from the antiquarian furnishings, which also fit in well with the exterior appearance of the house. Especially for an evening reservation, we like the room in a strong red a little better.

hs / translation: DeepL

  • Address Auberge Larochette
    Le Bourg
    FRA-71520 Bourgvilain