Casa Angelina ***** / €€€


The Hotel Casa Angelina is able to provide even the most demanding guests with an extremely enjoyable time. However, one would be wrong here if the many Hollywood films shot on the Costa Amalfitana, or the hotels presented in them, were to be the non plus ultra in terms of style. Without being able to judge it with absolute expertise, our stylistic feeling would lie between Bauhaus and Art Deco. Common to other buildings is the terraced construction that results from the local topography, usually from top to bottom. In other words, guests are received on the top level and the rooms nestle up against the mountain, floor by floor, in the direction of the sea. As a result, the extremely luxurious hotel can offer guests large terraces that already provide a view of one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Europe during the day. Those who have experienced the sunsets there will never forget these impressions for the rest of their lives. The rooms, which are predominantly white, convey a Mediterranean lightness, although the sizes vary considerably. So we advise you to study them personally and then book them directly to clarify the final details. Although there are a number of good restaurants in the immediate vicinity, the restaurant belonging to the hotel does not make it easy for you to decide on the right choice. You will be spoilt there to a high standard in keeping with the style of the house and, of course, with the best view – God willing.

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  • Adresse Casa Angelina
    Via Gennaro Capriglione, 147
    ITA-84010 Praiano SA