Alla Corte degli Angeli ****


For purists, this hotel might be the antithesis of their own ideas. Whether one is entirely happy as a nostalgic person would be an individual decision, although the location and price level can certainly be described as attractive. The rooms have attractive furnishings and the painting of the walls, partly with landscape pictures, creates a playful note. The location and design of the bathrooms varies. Some of them had to adapt to the structural conditions and this was partly at the expense of the design scope. The many antiquarian pieces of furniture are beautiful and accentuate the style of the house in a very nice way. We also liked the impressive ceiling construction in the breakfast room and its design as well as the small inner courtyard. Furthermore, we would like to recommend the culinary delights in the restaurant belonging to the house.

hs / translation: DeepL

  • Address Albergo alla Corte degli Angeli
    Via Degli Angeli, 23
    ITA-55100 Lucca LU